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Experience simple life on organic farm Quinta do Catalao

The Farm

Do you know what it feels like to live on a sustaibale farm? It's way more interesting than you might think. Come visit us if you want to enjoy this wonderful feeling. We provide relaxing, comfortable and memorable experience and have built this lovely home away from home for you with dedication and consistent efforts. Come ans stay in our huts that are simple, yet beautiful. They are perfect for unforgettable farm adventure.

Welcome to tradition Farm life!

Living close to nature can be truly amazing. It makes you feel fresh and happy and you get to live in a calm, peaceful environment away from the industrial pollution and disturbing noise. Want to enjoy a farm experience? Come and stay at Quinta do Catalao for a night or two and you will have an unforgettable time. We have everything to make your stay comfortable and joyous. You won’t find the luxuries of the 5-star hotel here, but instead, the beauty of natural scenes and serene atmosphere which are truly matchless.


Sheperds Hut

Sleeps 3


Sleeps 2


Beach Hut

Sleeps 2, Stars

star gazing

Farm House

Sleeps 5

Shepherd's Hut

Sleeps 2

Tiny house

Sleeps 2




We believe that the healthiest and most sustainable food comes direct from the garden to your plate. We have organic vegetable garden and very happy hens which provide us with fresh eggs, so we can offer you a healthy and delicious breakfast. We Love to cook fresh and tasty vegetable meals which you are sure to love. The beautiful environment and the enchanting scenery around would make you feel fresh inside out. It’s a perfect treat for your eyes, as well as a refreshing experience for your soul.