Start the day with energy and discover Algarve with your taste buds as well, from our garden to your heart.


Dear guest, welcome to Quinta do Catalao, the beautiful, sustainable farm we call home. There’s plenty to do and see in and around the property, and because we want you to make the most of it, we’ve prepared a delightful breakfast menu, just for you. Enjoying healthy, wholesome food is part of Quinta do Catalao’s experience. We take the same care in preparing the most important meal of the day as we do taking care of all else in our corner of heaven — sustainably and ethically. First and foremost, we are a farm, and we love what we do. Before we became a destination for local and international visitors looking for a dreamy getaway experience in southern Portugal, we were a small, family-owned, organic farmed garden. Well, we still are! Walk our farm and see what’s in season. The herbs we use to make tea and the greens we toss with organic eggs; everything grows beautifully under Algarve’s radiant sun. We source superior sustainable products. If we can’t grow them ourselves, we make sure we get them from neighbours and quality-minded producers in the area. Our freshly made breakfast is available for 12 euros per person if you order online before your arrival. Orders on site have a price per person of 15 euros. Help us plan our menu by ordering ahead — we are all about zero waste.


Bread, Butter and Coffee.

A steamy cup of coffee or tea from our garden’s herbs. Served with locally baked bread and organic butter. Ask for milk or your choice of milk alternative. Beauty in simplicity right here.

Organic Egg Omelette.

Freshly picked organic eggs tossed with garden greens and sun-grown tomatoes. Just a kiss or local grated cheese gives our fluffy omelette the perfect texture and flavour.

Bowl of Local Fruit.

Enjoy the most colourful and vibrant fruits, straight from Algarve to your table. We go with the seasons, so expect nothing but the best mother nature has to offer.

Homemade Banana Cake.

Our family recipe — only the finest bananas from sunny Madeira find their way to the mixing bowl. Moist and sweet, this is comfort food at its purest.

Yoghurt, Granola & Fruit.

A bowl of creamy yoghurt topped with our select granola mix and fresh, seasonal fruit. Neatly composed for an Insta-worthy breakfast as pretty as it is delicious!

Orange Juice.

Fresh orange juice from the striking Silves oranges, the ripest in the world, and Algarve’s pride and joy. Freshly squeezed to order.


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If you want to order your breakfast in advance, please send us a message. Let us know if you prefer Vegetarian or Vegan option. Let us know about your allergies.

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