Let us tell you more about how our small farm respects nature, preserves the local Portuguese heritage, and creates an additive value to the local community.

When renovating the farm, we were paying  attention to the hallmarks of the traditional farm style of our region. If you look around, you are going to notice that apart from you and your family, there aren’t many people here on the farm – it is so, because we accept only as many guests, as we can take a good care of.  Mass tourism on our farm isn’t in our plans, as we don’t believe it would be  sustainable in the long run. Like you might have guessed from looking around, we are avid fans of the  wabi-sabi concept. For us, beauty doesn’t need to equal perfection. We decorate our places with handmade crafts, and re-use furniture to save forests and give them unique character.  You won’t find the luxuries of the 5-star hotel here, but instead, the beauty of natural scenes and serene atmosphere which are truly matchless. Our main recycling goal is... less waste. Since we are mindful of our planet’s wellbeing and future, we do our best to limit the amount of trash produced by our small farm. First of all, whenever possible, we stick to natural materials and environmentally-friendly products. Second, if something at our farm breaks, we don’t throw it away – rather, we take it to repair. We have a small ‘recycling center’, where we give old parts new purposes. Third, all kitchen waste goes either to our animals, or to the compost. We want Quinta do Catalao to be as environmentally friendly, as possible

Something about food

We take special care of your food. Therefore, please let us know if you have any special preferences or allergies. We believe that the healthiest and most sustainable food comes direct from garden to your plate.  We source superior sustainable products. If we can’t grow them ourselves, we make sure we get them from neighbours and quality-minded producers in the area. We try not to make purchases in large grocery stores, as most goods offered there are imported – and as we all know, it wastes energy, pollutes air and puts our region’s farmers at a disadvantage. Our freshly made breakfast is available for 12 euros per person if you order online before your arrival. Orders on site have a price per person of 15 euros. Help us plan our menu by ordering ahead — we are all about zero waste. Breakfast is not included in price of your stay. You can find menu on our website: www.quintadocatalo.com