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Welcome to Quinta do Catalao


Karolina, Max and our three children. Quinta do Catalao started, in the garden! When we first came here about 8 years ago, whole farm was overgrown be weeds and bushes. With help of volunteers, friends and only few tools we created an amazing vegetable garden! We were able to produce food for our family and our friends. Work in the garden always makes us happy, heathy and proud. Our children learned how to seed, take care of vegetables, animals and not to waste food. What we Do We are perfect host for you if you want to enjoy living in sustainable, simple and organic environment. Living close to nature, spending some time in the garden and taking care of the animals provides a feeling of satisfaction and contentment and we want you to experience the same marvelous feeling. We provide different fun-filled activities here to make your stay more memorable and joyous. Our Story After living in many places like Brazil, Bali, Rhodos, Germany, Poland and eight continuous years of travel to different countries we came to Portugal. Here we met Pedro, who helped us to fulfill our dreams. Quinta do Catalao was abandoned for 5 years. The entrance road was completely blocked with weeds and bushes and to enter the farm, we had to clean it for 2 days. We could not see fruit trees because there were overgrown by bushes. Steadily, with help of volunteers, we managed to prepare the organic vegetable garden. After that, we built a greenhouse. We bought old species of chickens and ducks from local, organic farmers. We even started to grow our own grains for poultry. Our children actively participated in this project. Our dream was to live from organic farming. Unfortunately, insufficient water did not let us follow our dream. There wasn't enough water for professional farming, but we always had a lot of guests coming to visit us. They were always very pleased to be a part of this project. Life gave us direction to share our lifestyle and farm life with other people. With our own hands we built beautiful huts to share with you. When children grew up a bit and wanted to enjoy more social life we decided to share our dream with reality. Right now we are sharing our living on the farm in Portugal with living in the big city of Munich in Germany. Summer we spend in Algarve and welcome guests on the farm and in the winter we are in Munich and give opportunity to families like we to live on the farm. We are happy to show you our lifestyle! Come and experience simple life on the beautiful, sustainable farm!

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Our stay was amazing. Just perfect. Already planning our next trip back!
Amy Johnson